Hackers Hacked Journalists' iPhone Using Zero-Day Vulnerability in iMessage

This summer, the iPhone group of journalistsAl-Jazeera and Al Araby TV (36 people) were hacked using the Pegasus software of the Israeli company NSO Group. Citizen Lab has announced that 36 journalists' smartphones have been compromised using special software and a zero-day vulnerability in Apple iOS iMessage.

Pegasus software has been soldfour buyers, two of whom are citizens of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, have been identified by human rights activists and are associated with the groups Monarchy and Sneaky Kestrel. A zero-day vulnerability is part of the Kismet system that worked on iPhones up to iPhone 11 running iOS 13.5.1 and was fixed after iOS 14.

Information from the human rights organization Citizen Labwere transferred to Apple, which announced its own investigation. The NSO Group has stated that it has no information about the commission of illegal actions using the Pegasus program. However, when reliable information appears, the company promises to conduct an appropriate investigation.

Source: securitylab