Hacker drones crack Smart TV

Smart TV is gaining morepopularity and this was immediately taken advantage of by attackers who developed a technology that allows them to display any video, phishing messages, introduce keyloggers, and even mine digital currency on television. The vulnerability of modern Smart TV, which uses the HbbTV standard to work with the Internet, was reported by a cybersecurity specialist at the Defcon conference.

Unmanned aerial vehicle equipped witha software-defined radio system that allows you to set or change the working radio frequency parameters, can transmit a radio signal, in power significantly exceeding the legally incoming signal of the television networks and actually drown it. At the same time, the range of the hacker Smart TV transmission is regulated by the power and frequency range of the equipment on the drone.

The second way in which attackerswill be able to broadcast their video, consists in hacking HbbTV using a radio signal, as a result of which the TV is connected to a specific web server URL. At the same time, experts note that the ATSC standard used in the USA is not susceptible to such penetration, since it does not provide for sending data from URLs.

One of the most effective uses of this vulnerability, experts call the possibility of a phishing attack, more effective than cheating using email.

Source: securitylab