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Hack Public Services and earn money

Many IT corporations have a special programwithin which everyone is invited to find a vulnerability in their products. Those who achieve this goal are paid a generous reward in return for a detailed description of the discovered problem.

At its core, State Services is also an IT project.Moreover, it is quite large and, more importantly, it stores sensitive information - the personal data of millions of Russians. And it is very strange that so far the service has not had a similar program to encourage the search for vulnerabilities by external specialists.

But now, finally, the head of the Ministry of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev announced the launch of such an initiative. As part of it, it is planned to “announce and conduct a bug bounty for public services by the end of 2022.”

Note that at the moment there is no exact information when exactly the program will begin to operate and what payments will be in case of a “hole” in public services.

Source: Russian Ministry of Digital Development