Guide to promotions and discounts № b / n

As you may have noticed, for several months now our regular section, which has existed since February 2015

years, is on pause.Probably, it would be nice to answer the question why our editors decided to freeze the rubric. The first and obvious reason is the collapse of the currency market in the form in which it existed. If in February-March the dollar rushed up uncontrollably, then it rushed down with the same rapid jack. As a result, it has become simply impossible to say that this price is profitable, but this one is not very good. Having started writing the material one or two days before its publication, I risked the fact that what was said would not be relevant for more than a few hours.

The second and no less obvious reason issituation in the electronics market. You can, of course, pretend that the problem concerns only Russia, but this means that we will look at the world through a very narrow slit. In reality, the flurry of disruption of supply chains, initiated by the coronavirus epidemic, collapsed as the ninth wave of sanctions wars, which gave rise to an economic crisis and inflation in the developed countries of the world, causing the market to fall into an extremely illogical and strange state. Some devices are not enough, while others are not needed by anyone. It would be naive to believe that the surplus of devices in Samsung warehouses in 18% of the projected supply, consisting mainly of smartphones of the Galaxy A series, was formed from the impoverishment of the pockets of Russian buyers.

The third problem is the launched “parallelimport”, which finally brought confusion not only to the price level, but also to what devices are on the Russian market. On the one hand, it turns out that the retail price recommended by the manufacturer now means nothing at all, and on the other hand, there are no guarantees that the goods imported in this way will work properly. In the "Guides" for this reason, there have never been reports of Chinese smartphones with "global" or "Chinese" firmware. We cannot recommend a device for purchase if we are not sure that it works correctly, and its seller is responsible for at least a minimum amount of service. Therefore, there are no shops with Ali, no comparison with shops that sell phones 20-30% cheaper, but only for cash.

So until the market stabilizes, newThere will be no numbered editions of the Promotions and Discounts Guide. We hope that in the foreseeable future the situation will stabilize and the rubric will return on a permanent basis, but for now there can only be exceptional, numberless issues. In this we will talk about what is happening with promotional offers in the mobile phone sector. This is not a guide to action, but simply an illustration of the above.


Russian mobile operators are not likeAmerican or even European, are tied to the supply of not only services, but also devices, however, for them, sales of smartphones are important enough not to abandon such a business altogether. This did not happen, and, as far as is known, no company has plans to liquidate this line of business. If the latter happened, the "Guide" would have to be made just for the sake of reporting that someone was selling off the rest of the warehouses. I think for many this would be the most joyful message. In the meantime, you can see quite routine offers that are created to attract the attention of buyers.


Beeline has an offer "Xiaomi 3-in-1:for the price of a smartphone. As you might guess, we are talking about a set of a smartphone, an accessory to it and communication services. All together will cost the same as the smartphone itself at a regular price without a promotion. From smartphones, you can choose among Xiaomi Redmi 10C series with 64 and 128 GB memory, Redmi Note 10S 128 GB, and Redmi Note 9C with 32, 64 and 128 GB. Of the tariffs, the promotions include "To the maximum!" and “To the maximum +!”, as well as the tariffs of the “Close people” and “Close people+” lines (except for “Close people 1”, “Close people 1+” and “Close people with Yandex Plus”), to which you need to connect the option "Rubles for communication by promotion" for 6 months. At the same time, if you were not a Beeline subscriber, you will have to purchase a SIM card with a suitable tariff separately and its cost will not be included in the promotional offer. Additionally, you need to add smart watches (for children or adults) to the set from a small list that includes the Jet and Geozon brands. The offer will last until July 15.


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From MTS you can also get a smartphone complete withsome accessory for the same price as, in fact, a smartphone without a promotion. In the case of Xiaomi, two options are offered: Redmi Note 11 Pro with a Mi Smart Band 6 bracelet or Redmi Note 10 Pro with Redmi Buds 3 TWS headphones. A discount on the kit is also offered for another promotion, which is sparse: 500 rubles discount on an accessory, communication service or services when you purchase a new 2020 iPhone SE. For realme 6 Pro, the discount would be 2,000 rubles, but now MTS does not have these devices in stock in Moscow.

There are several models that MTS positionsas being sold at a discount (excluding trade-in, installment plan, cashback or subscription service). As part of the Summer Sale, we are ready to give up 1-2 thousand rubles from the price of Tecno Spark Go and Spark 8C devices. They also give 200 GB of cloud storage, which would be mega-cool, if only for a year. But since the "gift" is only for three months, and then at the usual rates, it is difficult to talk about this promotion as an advantage. According to the actionBenefit up to 20 thousand rubles on smartphones Xiaomi» it is indeed possible to find Xiaomi smartphones withthe declared amount of the discount. Another question is that in Xiaomi 12 with 12/256 GB of memory now costs 90 thousand rubles (the declared discount is 8 thousand rubles), and in MTS with a discount of 20 thousand it will cost 94,990 rubles , plus another 1,900 from the master's shoulder will be returned to you in the form of a "cashback" (which is now transferred to the subscriber's number).


Continuing to explore proposals for Xiaomi, we come to MegaFon. There is an action going on hereSuper profitable June from Xiaomi”, which also announced discounts and gifts.Of the gifts, there are already familiar Mi Smart Band 6 and Redmi Buds 3. The first goes to Redmi Note 11 Pro, and the second goes to Redmi Note 10 Pro. Without a gift, but at a discount, Redmi Note 10S and Redmi Note 11 are offered. Needless to say, the price that seems to be offered as a promotion is exactly the same price that is displayed in the official store of the brand?

But on Tecno POP 5 LTE from MegaFonreally interesting price. According to the promotion, such devices cost 5,990 rubles, which is a whole thousand cheaper than other retailers. The catch is that you will need to connect to one of the tariffs of the #WithoutOverpayments line and pay for communication services for six months. So yes, there will be a discount, but not three thousand, as the advertisement promises, but one, and you will immediately give the operator more money than without a promotion. One could say that they will return to you, but there is a subtle point here: the new tariffs are not as profitable as the old ones, so the transition to the updated line for many will turn out to be more expensive for a long time, and when buying a smartphone from among the cheapest it is already essential.

I found it more interesting share on iphone. She has the limitation that she is only availablefor new connections, you will not be able to switch from the old number. You buy the tariff plan "MegaTariff. Without overpayments, pay for communication services for 3, 6 or 12 months, and the operator, in gratitude, gives you a discount (about 2-5 thousand) on a new iPhone. The more expensive the device, the greater the discount, but the longer the time of using the tariff you will have to pay. If you are a non-poor person and do not choose completely gray schemes for purchasing an iPhone, then this is a completely suitable option for saving. The only question is whether you should change your operator to MegaFon. Oh yes, and by taking any additional product more expensive than 1 ruble, you will get the right to "installment plan".


Speaking of discounts on Xiaomi smartphones, one cannot help but recall Tele2. We already had a review of their action "We change minutes for a discount on Xiaomi".This offer continues to work, it was extended until the end of this year. The pitfalls are the same, so you have to be not only a subscriber with "extra" minutes, but also very attentive, and possibly persistent in getting what you want. Two more promotions can be combined into one, since the mechanics in them are completely identical. These are "Up to 30% discount on smartphones complete with communication services and protection" and "30% discount on Xiaomi smartphones complete with communication services and protection". In both cases, you are offered to receive some (not always 30%, it is not in vain that it is said that “up to”, although it still starts from a significant 15%) discount on the device, provided that you connect the tariff required by the operator, and also purchase “protection » for smartphone. Protection means an insurance product from AlfaStrakhovanie. On the one hand, smartphones can cost so much that it’s time to promote a full-fledged CASCO on them, on the other hand, in most cases it will just be a waste of money. Yes, the promotional tariff is My Online+ for three months: every month you will receive unlimited within the network, 800 minutes for other calls and 40 GB of traffic for 540 rubles.

Electronics stores

Electronics stores have always been not the best inin terms of discounts as a place to buy smartphones, so it’s not surprising that right now they have completely stopped using “smartphone” promotions to attract buyers. Actually, most discounts on smartphones are part of some kind of “global” promotion like the same “Cyber ​​Monday”. In general, now you will not envy the marketing department of any electronics network - you need to somehow agitate people who are not inclined to spend money, to purchase goods that are sold at a high price, even with all the discounts. And smartphones here do not look like something very attractive. Nevertheless, now most users will change this type of gadget rather forcedly, due to the fact that the old one has stopped working. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are not particularly trying to highlight them with individual shares.

"M Video"

In "M.Video” smartphones are present in the catalogs of two discount offers: “Cyberweek” (until 27.06) and “Discount Activator for Equipment” (until 04.07). The first is just discounts without additional conditions. You can get a discount literally on a few models of Huawei, Oppo, Nokia, Vivo and realme. The most expensive stock is Huawei nova 8 for 33,299 rubles, and the most affordable is Oppo A54 for 12,999. Other models are priced somewhere in between. At the same time, they promise the biggest discount on the Nokia X20 - seven thousand rubles. The second is a classic of the genre - buy an accessory at a price of 199 rubles and get a discount on the main product. Discounts on smartphones are quite good, but the same price tag can be found not only in M.Video, but also in other retailers, although in all cases it will be a promotional price, and not the usual one. There are also plenty to choose from, there are several dozen models in stock (in fact, fewer, because the store considers different colors for different devices) of very different price categories - from Intel A25 DS and Nokia C01 Plus to Xiaomi 12X and Honor 30 Pro+. Discounts, respectively, are also different, but, in general, if you choose among the official large networks, this is a good offer.

"El Dorado"

Say something special about Eldorado thistimes it won't work. The same "Cyber ​​Monday", but with the name "Cybermarathon". The terms are the same, the assortment is everything that was found with a price lower than the once established RRP. iPhone 13 Pro 1 TB in gold for 169,999 instead of the usual 199,999 rubles. It is possible on credit and with receipt at Pyaterochka.


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The DNS continues the practice of announcing a bunch of shares,which are the same, but with different brands, so it is not surprising that it was in this network that we managed to find the maximum discount offers for smartphones. At the same time, most of them are the choice of “Installment or benefit”. As before the crisis, during the crisis you are offered a choice: get a soft loan (mainly under the 0-0-12 scheme) or an immediate discount on the purchased goods. For smartphones, this is minus 9% of the cost, unless otherwise stated for a particular brand. Others included:

  • Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro - the declared discount is up to 20 thousand rubles, which gives up to 15% savings;
  • other Xiaomi smartphones - they just took out the brand separately, the discount is the same, 9%;
  • realme 9pro and 9pro+ - declared discount up to 7 thousand rubles or more than 20% discount;
  • Vivo V23e - the declared discount is 3 thousand rubles, a discount of about 10%.

It is worth remembering that other retailers can also find these smartphone models at a similar or very close cost.

No choice between installment and discount offered Oppo A55 for 15 thousand rubles, taking into account the discount, and Infinix devices with a discount of 1 thousand rubles (models HOT 11S and Note 10 Pro). A discount for a purchase with an accessory is given upon purchase Huawei P50 Pro with Huawei FreeBuds Pro headphones (120 thousand rubles per set) and Samsung Galaxy A73 with Samsung Buds 2 headphones (45 thousand rubles per set). And buyers of OPPO A74, Reno 5, 5 Lite and 6 are simply given Oppo Band. However, these kits are no longer available in Moscow.


In Citylink, as in the vast majorityother stores, there is a promotion from Xiaomi, according to which buyers of Redmi Note 10 Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro are entitled to a fitness bracelet and TWS headphones. Bracelets, by the way, have already ended. Most of the discounts on smartphones are hidden in the “We bring discounts to people” campaign. But there are not so many devices here either: Huawei Nova 9 SE, Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi 9A and INOI 2 Lite. The devices, to put it mildly, are not top-end and not the newest. There are a few other push-button phones, but there is nothing to say about them.


And at the end - some background information from the main source of "parallel imports", which was available before, although it is not necessary to talk about the reliability of such purchases:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 10C - from 11.5 thousand rubles for the younger version, the older one is a thousand more expensive.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S - from 16.5 thousand rubles for the Rostest version, but from June 27.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9C - from 8,700 rubles for the Rostest version, also from June 27.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro - from 14 thousand for the global version, as a gift only the European standard of the charger.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro - from 22 thousand for the Rostest version from June 27.
  • Xiaomi 12 - from 37.5 thousand rubles for the global version.
  • Tecno Spark Go - from 6 thousand rubles for the younger version.
  • Tecno POP 5 LTE - could not be found.
  • Huawei nova 8 - from 36 thousand rubles (29 thousand including coupons).
  • Oppo A54 - from 15 thousand (12,290 including promotional offers).
  • Nokia X20 - from 26 thousand rubles.
  • iPhone 13 Pro 1 TB - from 138 thousand rubles.

And how do you save on buying smartphones? Share recipes in the comments.

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