Guests of the Olympics-2024 will fly to Paris on aerotaxi

In five years, summer will be held in Paris.Olympic Games. The flow of tourists in the French capital will increase dramatically. Traffic collapse is very likely. In order to prevent it, the authorities decided on radical measures. They will introduce aerotaxis.

Air unmanned taxi will be providedby Airbus. It will quickly deliver passengers from Charles de Gaulle Airport directly to the city. The bus they would have to go about an hour. In the air, tourists will fly around traffic jams, saving a lot of time for checking into hotels and visiting competitions.

Aerotaxi will fly every 6 minutes. By the end of this year, officials will have to elect a point in the city for the landing site. To build it will take another half a year.

For the successful implementation of sucha large-scale aerotaxi plan should be made safe, reliable, and combined with existing infrastructure. If the technology proves its effectiveness even under the conditions of severe loads of the Olympiad, it can be introduced in other megacities all over the planet.

So far, Airbus is refining its aircraftdevices. Thus, the AlbatrossOne drone was equipped with a structurally new wing. A special hinge inside it reduces turbulence, and also increases the lift force of the aircraft.

Source: engadget