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Grunt: alcohol makes pigs happier and their meat tastes better

The Japanese island of Kyushu is famous for itsa huge number of pig farms are located - this is one of the largest livestock regions of the island state. Also, this piece of land is almost the only place where a Japanese alcoholic drink is produced by the chain. It is stronger than "Japanese vodka" sake, but weaker than whiskey, tequila and other products of the alcohol industry. Recently, the producers of Japanese alcohol turned to scientists for help - after making the drink, they have wastes from the potatoes, rice and barley used in the production of the net, the disposal of which is very expensive. The researchers needed to find useful uses for the leftovers, and quickly realized they could be fed to the pigs living on the island. It turned out that such food does not harm animals at all and even makes them happier.

Small amounts of alcohol make pigs healthier

Attention! The editorial staff of does not support the use of alcohol and reminds that excessive consumption is harmful to health!

Japanese vodka

When making a drink to the network, the Japanese have alreadyhave been using barley, rice, potatoes and other foods high in starch for over 500 years. A mixture of these ingredients with the addition of yeast is infused until mash is obtained, which is subsequently distilled several times through a kind of moonshine still. The result is a 25-degree drink, which is stronger than many well-known sake, which contains about 15% alcohol. After making the drink, the Japanese are left with a mixture of barley, which is quite expensive to dispose of.

The network is drunk in Japan, but this drink is not very popular in the world.

Pig feed

Researchers from the University of Tokyo foundan ingenious solution to the problem - they decided to feed the barley mush to pigs, of which there are thousands on the island of Kyushu! In their opinion, the fact that this mixture is not suitable for human consumption does not mean at all that pigs cannot eat it. After all, the digestive system of many animals is much stronger than that of humans, so pigs can well digest what we cannot do. However, in order not to accidentally harm the animals, scientists decided to proceed with caution.

There are 8 species of pigs in the world.

According to New Atlas, at first theytried adding fermented barley mash to the feed of six young pigs. The experiment lasted three months and during this time the animals showed no signs of illness and behaved quite adequately. After the test period, the researchers decided to study the indicators of their health and were completely dumbfounded - dramatic changes occurred in the pigs' organisms, and purely positive ones.

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First, in animal saliva researchersfound a high content of so-called class A immunoglobulins. They are found in the mucous membranes of humans and animals to protect organisms from the penetration of viruses. That is, the pigs participating in the experiment developed strong immunity and, in comparison with their relatives, turned out to be less susceptible to diseases.

New feed improves pig health

Secondly, it was found in the organisms of animalslow in cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone. The fact that residues from Japanese alcohol production reduce stress levels in animals has also been shown in mice. As practice has shown, rodents that were subjected to stress tests returned to normal much faster if they ate barley mash. So, if alcohol is harmful to the human body, then for some animals, a small amount of it is beneficial.

Pork flavor

After conducting these experiments, scientistsWe decided to compare how the new food affects the taste of animal meat. To do this, they gathered a group of tasters, who were blindfolded and given to taste the meat of the pigs participating in the experiment and their teetotal congeners. People noted that the first type of pork was more juicy and aromatic. The researchers believe that the reason for the change in the taste of meat is chemical differences in its composition - the fat began to melt at lower temperatures, so the meat literally "melted in the mouth."

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