Grumpy cat is dead. Is it possible to clone it?

Last week, Grumpy Cat died, knownInternet sensation and the darling of millions. Obituaries have appeared in the CNN and New York Times. We could mourn a cat and choose a new idol. Or we could use the latest advances in genetic technology and clone it - like singer Barbara Streisand did with her dog. There is no doubt that we could create a clone Grumpy Cat.

Do I need to clone a cat Grumpy?

Several biotech companies offerservices for cloning cats and cats, the cost comes to $ 25,000. Demand is definitely there. People from the Internet have been in favor of cloning Grumpy since 2014, since someone on Quora has offered to multiply pussy so that "everyone can get one."

But would we like such a legacy for an angry cat who became famous for expressing her cute face?

Pet cemetery

The ethics of cloning is very dubious.

A deceased celebrity (she was seven years old) had cat dwarfism, a condition that Grumpy copies are supposed to inherit.

According to vets, cloned petsanimals can also suffer from birth defects and diseases. They may also differ from the original animal and will have unique characters. Perhaps, instead of copying Grumpy's DNA and possibly monetizing it, we should let it rest in peace.

When Barbara Streisand told the magazineVariety, that cloned his dog for $ 50,000, many for the first time learned that copying pets and other animals is real. Yes, yes, you were not mistaken: you can pay for the cloning of a dog, horse or pet bull and get a live copy after a couple of months Read about the cloning of a Labrador Retriever: this story will give you goosebumps.

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