Grommy Mondraker - electric bike for kids (5 photos + video)

Known, despite the youth of the brand, the companyMondraker from Spain, since 2001, has been developing and producing a wide range of bicycles for various purposes. Now Mondraker developers are presenting two new models of electric balancer bikes for children of different ages.

The Grommy-16 gets 16 wheelsinches, and the Grommy-12 model has 12-inch wheels. The new vehicles are ideal assistants in teaching the basics of cycling to children aged 5 to 8.

Powertrain for both Grommy modelsbecomes a 250 W brushless motor. The easily removable, replaceable battery has a capacity of 4 Ah, which guarantees an autonomous trip for an hour. Three power settings allow children to ride a bike with varying degrees of fitness. These are “Balance” modes - maximum speed 8.1 km / h, “Fun” and “Extended” both with maximum speed up to 17.7 km / h.

The balancer class model does not provide forpedals, and the child's feet will be placed on a special stand. The motor and battery are IPX4 waterproof. The electrical wiring is placed inside the frame and protected from mechanical damage.

In the Grommy-12 model, the frame length is 190 mm, and inGrommy-16 - 250 mm. Depending on the child's height, using the handle, a smooth adjustment of the seat height is available in the range from 37 to 47 cm for the Grommy-12 and from 43 to 58 cm for the Grommy-16. The weight of the bicycles, made of light-alloy 6061 aluminum, is 7.5 and 8.5 kg. The price of children's bicycles Grommy Mondraker starts at $ 880.

Source: mondraker