Grenade for catching drones (3 photos)

Modern army in the conduct of hostilities alloften uses drones, which at the right time can dramatically change the course of the battle. US Army engineers have proposed a special device to neutralize enemy flying objects.

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The developers have created special grenades thatthey fire a solid net immobilizing the drone's propellers, causing it to fall. Engineers have developed universal ammunition that can be used by different types of troops. Infantry units will be able to shoot a grenade from a portable grenade launcher M320, and motorized infantry or gunners will be able to use Mk-19 grenade launchers firing long distances.

The design of a grenade - a spherical chamber insidewhich is placed collapsed network. When fired, it unfolds and covers an area with a diameter of 6 to 9 meters, which allows you to “straddle” practically any model of a combat drone. The net is ejected from the grenade body in manual mode or automatically according to sensor data (this mode is still being tested).