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Greenhouse gases can be used as liquid fuels.

Climate Change Challengeshumanity from the very beginning of the industrial revolution, when anthropogenic impact began to radically transform the world around us is not in the best direction. According to, the scientists learned how to convert greenhouse gases into clean fuels. Can such a unique technology change the world?

Can clean fuels completely replace traditional energy sources?

Can greenhouse gases be used as fuel?

According to the statement of specialists from the UniversityRice, greenhouse gases can be converted into clean energy using an electrolyzer or a special reactor that uses carbon dioxide as a feedstock and displays a highly purified concentration of formic acid. Acid, currently produced by traditional carbon dioxide devices, most often requires expensive and energy-intensive stages of purification. At the same time, the direct production of pure solutions of formic acid can contribute to the active development of commercial technologies for the conversion of carbon dioxide, thereby healing our environment.

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Nature Energy claims that duringBy testing the new technology, the electrocatalyst achieved an energy conversion efficiency of about 42%. A similar result means that almost half of the electrical energy can be stored in formic acid as a specific liquid fuel. In addition, the high environmental friendliness of formic acid allows not only to generate electricity, while emitting carbon dioxide, but also to capture by-products, processing them again.

The use of formic acid can make modern industry completely green

In order to make a reliable device,able to produce the maximum amount of energy, Professor Rice Chuan Xia developed a system of two-dimensional bismuth catalyst and solid-state electrolyte, eliminating the need to use salt as part of the reaction. The polymer-based electrolyte is coated with sulfonic acid particles, which can conduct a positive charge well.

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The rate at which water flows through the chamberof the product, determines the concentration of the solution, continuously producing formic acid for 100 hours with slight degradation of the reactor components, including nanoscale catalysts. Wang suggested that the reactor could easily be retrofitted to produce more valuable products such as acetic acid, ethanol, or propanol fuel.