Greenhouse gas emissions will point to determine the satellites (5 photos)

Several organizations launch satellitesdesigned to accurately identify greenhouse gas emission points on the planet. Some of these "spies" have already been launched into orbits, all of them will be able to follow corporations, regions and individual objects.

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As noted by EDF Senior Vice President MarkBrownstein, thanks to space technology, you can quickly and cheaply make measurements of greenhouse gas emissions. Often, neither industry nor governments understand the full extent of the problem and the potential for reducing it. New data will help them in taking action. Thus, the Environmental Protection Fund will launch the MethaneSAT satellite, which specializes only in methane emissions, in 2 years. The launch of the facility will be inexpensive and quick. It will monitor emissions extremely precisely. GHGSat - another satellite, preparing to launch literally in the coming months. He should survey hydro and thermal power plants, oil and gas facilities, landfills, coal mines, natural sources, and fattening sites for livestock.

Laura Cozzi, who heads the InternationalThe agency’s work on the energy model believes that oil and gas corporations are able to reduce methane emissions by 40–50%. No additional investment! It is just the same as if two thirds of coal stations were closed in Asia. In her opinion, it is only the persistence of investors.

Satellites will allow point monitor everything thathappens and react accordingly. Having identified the unauthorized emissions of gases affecting global warming, or methane leakage, they can be quickly eliminated.