Great Wall Motor sold more than 1 million new cars last year

One of the largest Chinese car manufacturers, Great Wall Motor, reported on the results

work in 2022. The company's income amounted to 137.3 billion yuan. Net income increased by 22.9% to 8.27 billion yuan. In total, the company sold 1.06 million new cars last year. It is noted that 86% of them can be attributed to the class of intelligent cars. The share of sales of cars worth more than 200,000 yuan rose to 15.27% of the total sales. The average price of a car sold last year was 129,000 yuan, up 21.5% from the average price in 2021. The company said it spent 12 billion yuan on research and development last year, corresponding to a 34.3% increase from 2021. Separately, it is emphasized that 172 thousand cars were sold outside of China. Among them were new models of the manufacturer launched last year on foreign markets under the brands Haval and TANK.