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Great Britain is ready to publish secret data on aliens

Is there an extraterrestrial life? Perhaps this question can be considered one of the most popular in terms of the number of queries in the search engines Google or Yandex. As if trying to irritate the masses even more, governments of different countries most often simply place all references to UFOs and other little-studied objects under the heading “top secret”, surrounding the situation with an even greater halo of mystery. However, according to an article published on, from the early 1950s to 2009, the Department of Defense of the United Kingdom conducted investigations into UFO sightings in different countries. Now, more than ten years after the end of the program, many of these previously classified UFO files will be available to the public for the first time.

Is there a UFO?

UFO data disclosed

The first UFO was observed over a hundred years ago,when at the end of the nineteenth century a whole series of completely inexplicable objects was seen in the sky. So, in November 1896 in the state of California, eyewitnesses could observe the rapid movement of a luminous ball, which, after its disappearance, appeared again, but in a neighboring city. They tried to explain the nature of the unusual phenomenon not only with the help of the “aliens” now familiar, but also with the help of more rational reasons. For example, quite plausible theories were put forward about the beginning of the development of the first airplane by the Wright brothers. Be that as it may, the true causes of the appearance of luminous lights at the end of the nineteenth century are currently unclear.

In the future, all UFO sightings becamerecorded in the so-called “Blue Book”, which was an impressive document of the US Air Force with data on any manifestations of unidentified objects. After the release of the so-called Condon report, which assured the public that there was no anomaly in unidentified flying objects, the project was officially closed. Thus, a complete archive of previously classified documents, which will be presented to the general public in the near future, may turn out to be the most complete collection of materials about UFOs in the history of mankind.

The decision to publish archival materials wasadopted at the time when the British news agency PA Media filed an official request for UFO files, citing the Law on Freedom of Information.

The largest archive of UFO data may be publicly available in the near future

Despite the fact that mostThe recorded cases of observations of “flying saucers” turned out to be an illusion or deliberate hoax, several cases that ended up in the archive really defy any logical explanation.

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The latest UFO report published inThe Internet, as part of a detailed report by the UK government, is dated 2009 and talks about the observations that took place from January to the end of November of that year. They include a reference to the “silver disc-shaped light” and the observations of 20 orange and red luminous lights in the sky of foggy Albion.

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In any case, the archive will be completelyCheck out the UK National Archives for free. In addition, it is there that you will be able to see with your own eyes the documents signed by Winston Churchill with a demand to sort out “about all this rubbish about flying saucers”.