Graphene helps protect against mosquito bites

Despite the fact that summer is drawing to a close,bites of mosquitoes (and other unpleasant insects) can be forgotten until the next year, it’s too early to hide the means for scaring away the “vulture” for the winter. However, it is likely that after some couple of years you can take advantage of a truly high-tech protection against mosquito bites. And this is not about another “miracle spray”, but about a substance that will cover your skin with an ultra-strong layer of graphene, which no mosquito will bite through.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes

To date, varioussprays and ointments that repel insects. Although manufacturers claim that these products are completely safe, each such substance contains a warning that it is highly undesirable to prevent it from reaching the mucous membranes or eyes. In addition, these products rarely have a pleasant smell and are absorbed into clothing, which also cannot be called pleasant. Do you use insect repellents in nature? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

However, a group of researchers from the UniversityBrown in Rhode Island suggests using graphene films to protect against insects. If you suddenly forgot, then just in case, we recall that graphene is a material whose structure is “sheets” of carbon atoms. Carbon atoms are located in one plane and thus graphene has a thickness of only one atom. Graphene is the thinnest and most durable artificial material in the world. In addition, it also has good electrical and thermal conductivity, which allows it to be used to create new type of electronic devices. But now a little about it.

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Scientists from Rhode Island created on the basis of graphenea special gel that can be applied to skin or clothing. During a series of experiments, it turned out that at the moment when the graphene film is wet, insects simply can not bite through it. If the film dries, then in this case some mosquitoes can still bite through it. However, the number of mosquitoes that sat on the skin of the subjects was minimal. Scientists attribute this to the fact that graphene does not allow mosquitoes to "see" a person, not letting out as much heat as in his absence.

Graphene structure

This use of graphene against mosquitoes will helpreduce the negative impact of these insects on human health associated with the development of a number of infectious diseases, ”says Dr. William Souk, director of Brown University in Rhode Island and lead author of the work. In addition, the use of carbon materials can reduce the use of pesticides to repel insects.

According to scientists, their discovery may servethe impetus for the creation of disposable graphene films applied to the skin and even special anti-mosquito clothes. It is also possible that graphene films will help in the fight against other insect vectors of diseases. However, at the moment, graphene production is still expensive, but its cost is gradually reduced. So it is likely that very soon the unique material will finally find its application.