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Grape seeds can destroy old cells and increase longevity

As of 2019, the average durationa person's life is 72 years. Basically, people die from old age, which develops for a huge number of reasons. One of the main causes of aging in humans gerontologists consider the accumulation in the body of the agedcells. They are usually called senescent cells - they become so due to stress, mutations, or a large number of division cycles. Senescent cells stop dividing, but at the same time they do not disappear anywhere and accumulate in the internal organs. At the same time, they secrete a group of SASP proteins into the body, which trigger inflammatory processes and lead to human aging. Scientists have already developed drugs that can rid people of old cells and slow down aging. But most of them are either not completely effective, or at high doses begin to harm health. Recently, researchers from the United States and China have found a substance in grape seeds that works better than these drugs.

Grape seeds contain a substance that slows down aging

Gerontology Is a science that studies various aspects of human aging. In addition to studying the causes, scientists are developing methods to slow down aging.

Why do people age?

As noted at the beginning, one of the reasonsaging of the human body is the accumulation of obsolete cells that are no longer capable of dividing. At a young age, the immune system does an excellent job of eliminating senescent cells. But over the years, the natural cleansing process becomes less and less effective. Some of these cells undergo mutations that activate them again. If the immune system does not eliminate the mutated cells in time, there is an increased risk of developing cancer. When scientists learned about all this, it became clear that they needed to develop a drug to destroy old cells. Indeed, in theory, with the help of them you can not only slow down aging, but also prevent the development of dangerous diseases.

Cells under a microscope

Anti aging drugs

In 2016, scientists tried to cleanseobsolete cell organisms of mice. The animals were genetically modified in such a way that their senescent cells react to a certain substance and are destroyed. Thus, it was found that when the body is cleared of old cells, the lifespan really increases. However, it is forbidden to carry out genetic modification of people, so scientists could not simply make the human body susceptible to a certain substance. On the contrary, a substance effective against old cells had to be found in nature.

Removing senescent cells extended the lifespan of mice in 2016

At the moment, several such substances have already been found - drugs based on them are called senolytics... In the course of scientific experiments, it was found thatCertain anti-tumor drugs, heart stimulants, and dietary supplements work well against old cells. But they are not strictly intended to cleanse the body, therefore they are not very effective or have serious side effects.

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The benefits of grape seeds

Recently, Professor Qixia Xu and hiscolleagues from China and the United States made an important discovery in this matter. In the course of scientific work, the results of which were published in the scientific journal Nature Metabolism, they took several cells from the human prostate and treated them with a chemotherapy drug - so they made them senescent. After that, they began testing 46 herbal preparations on them. They found that grape seed extract worked well for aging cells. It not only destroys 80% of senescent cells, but also blocks the release of SASP proteins, which are the cause of aging.

Grape seeds are also thought to be helpful in treating colitis, gastritis, urinary tract and intestinal infections.

To find out which compound is in the extractthe seeds provide such an effect, the researchers disassembled it into individual substances. It turned out that the active substance is procyanidin C1 (PCC1), which is already known for its ability to damage DNA. In further testing, the scientists discovered that PCC1 destroys old cells in the tissues of the lungs, blood vessels, and so on.

Procyanidin C1 has the ability to damage DNA

Ultimately, the substance was tested forlaboratory mice. Scientists injected a dose of PCC1 into rodents aged 24 to 27 months. By human standards, this is roughly between 75 and 90 years old. Observations showed that the dosed mice had 64.2% longer remainder of their lives than their peers. How this substance works in humans is currently unknown, but scientists hope that it is more effective than existing senolytics.

Scientists have once again been able to increase the lifespan of mice

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It is worth recalling that earlier scientists found out that human aging occurs in three stages: at 34, 60 and 78 years. You can read more about this discovery here.