Grand Theft Auto 5 launched remotely on the Game Boy compact console (video)

PC game enthusiasts continueexperiment with attempts to integrate old but hitherto popular gaming consoles with modern gaming applications. Computer hardware specialist Sebastian Staaks managed to run Grand Theft Auto 5 on a compact Game Boy console.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 game application has been released onmarket as early as 2013, and as early as March of this year, an updated version of the application will be launched for the latest PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Almost 33 years have passed since the release of the Game Boy in 1989, but enthusiasts continue to actively use the console, which has become a logical continuation of the popular Nintendo Game & Watch handheld gadgets. The Game Boy's monochrome LCD screen has a resolution of 160x144 pixels.

To run Grand Theft Auto 5 on Game Boy Staaksdesigned a replaceable cartridge with a Wi-Fi module, which made it possible to transfer a picture with a game or video to the console screen. Given the small resolution of the monochrome screen, a comfortable game of Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Game Boy is impossible. In addition, the broadcast is conducted at a frame rate of 20 fps. The situation is also complicated by the small number of control buttons on the Game Boy. The enthusiast published the process of creating a Wi-Fi cartridge and a demonstration of the GTA 5 game on the Game Boy on the Internet.