Gradual cancellation of unlimited Internet using the example of Tele2


We live in a wonderful world, please do not confuse it with a wonderful one! Daily game of broken phone

has become the meaning of life for many people, andThe Internet has become a place to dump negative emotions. Somehow, unwittingly, cellular operators have become those who always attract attention and act as a kind of whipping boy. A common sport is to curse the greed of operators who rip off unfortunate subscribers. Throwing firewood on the fire of such discussions is easy, any change in price, and here you are provided with the heat, which you can safely heat up not the smallest Russian city. The same patterns are repeated over and over again, and the discussions involve people who cannot be called narrow-minded, but it is this favorite topic that makes them so, which is used as an inexpensive way of reflection.

Let's look at a recent example, in which Tele2 appeared and the price changed on one of the tariff plans.


The news became popular literally everywhere, and invarious epithets rained down on the Tele2 address, they differed only in the level of culture of the commenter. To some extent, this can be called ordinary harassment, which all operators are periodically subjected to. There is nothing new here. In no case do I think that it is necessary to stand up in defense of Tele2, but I still want to defend common sense. I understand that my words are doomed to drown in the usual emotions, “atu him, atu”, but I will try to decompose the situation into its components and explain the meaning of what we see.

At the end of 2021, operators zealously set aboutcancel unlimited tariff plans for new connections, they are faced with the fact that a small number of users load networks and degrade the quality of communication for all subscribers. A few percent of subscribers spoiled the whole picture, they spent traffic like crazy. The price wars of the past years led to the fact that unlimited tariffs were widely available and inexpensive. Most users of such tariffs did not choose significant traffic, they used 20-30 GB at most. Buying unlimited was an affordable luxury, since it was very inexpensive, you could not bother with what tariff and with what Internet package you should choose to suit your needs.

In parallel, many built one or anotherbusiness processes using free, unlimited internet. Nowhere in the world do security systems transmit video over cellular networks to such an extent as in Russia, everywhere it costs mind-boggling money. But with us it became possible due to affordable tariffs. And they had to be abandoned, since they not only created a load on the network, but did not allow operators to develop services for the vast majority of subscribers.

In November 2021, he wrote in detail that unlimited Internet was ending for all new subscribers, and later it would be removed on archival tariff plans.

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Unlimited mobile internet is over for new subscribers

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Now let's get back to the story with Tele2, inwhich is a lot of unusual and almost no one tried to look at the details. Let's start with what the owners of the tariff plan launched in 2019 received SMS, that is, three years have passed. At the moment, the tariff plan is archived, there are no connections to it. The operator consistently pursues a policy of refusing unlimited Internet, just like all Russian operators, there are no special features or exceptions. You can grieve about this for a long time, but the fact is that unlimited for most subscribers will end.


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Tele2, probably, did not expect such a reaction and the fact thatthat in the traditional game "about whom they will say more nasty things at the moment" they will tear out a temporary palm of leadership. But let's take a look at the market situation and assess how Tele2's actions stand out from the general outline.

In 2018, MTS has a tariff plan"Tarifishche", it also has unlimited Internet, which allows it to be compared with the offer from Tele2 of that time. Today, at this tariff, the monthly cost is 835 rubles (Tele2 has changed from 450 rubles to 750 rubles, which is similar). I quote all prices for Moscow, in other regions they may differ downwards. At the time of the launch of the tariff in Moscow, it cost 650 rubles a month, then the cost fell to 450-500 rubles and grew back outside the shares.

Let's pick up something from MegaFon, the tariff "Turn on! Communicate” from April 2020 costs 650 rubles, at the time of its appearance the monthly fee was 500 rubles.

In the beeline line, the “Close People 3” tariff cost 600 rubles (the tariff is designed for one or three SIM cards), today its price is 900 rubles. Here we also see a price change.

I don’t see continuing to dig into the archived tariffsmeaning, the main thing that we see is that all operators changed prices and they grew due to the fact that the market was changing. This is an objective reality, about which it’s even somehow embarrassing to talk about, look around, see how prices for all goods and services have changed. Against this background, operators did not radically change prices for many years, they grew very slowly, criminally slowly, since we did not receive enough money for the development of networks. You always want more and better, but in Russia, cheap and very high-quality communication. And this is today, and yesterday it was super-cheap. I hope that together we have seen that the prices of all operators have been rising, it's just that many have raised them to that point, and in stages. Tele2, on the other hand, kept the price at a low level, and then decided to catch up with their colleagues in the market in one fell swoop. As for me, there is not much difference, all the same, prices are rising and cannot remain low.

Now let's look at what offerthe operator did for their customers, they were offered to pay the tariff for six months at the old price. As for me, this is a great offer, because operators are faced with the need for them to cancel unlimited Internet. And if we recall the beginning of 2022, then on many tariffs of operators the option of unlimited Internet simply disappeared, it was replaced with a large traffic package. Tele2 immediately offered a transitional period at the old cost, which looks reasonable.

Another option is to get a personaloffer and choose the tariff parameters for yourself. That is, it even offers a choice that the client can make. Or not to make such a choice and then pay the same 750 rubles.

When the story just started to unwindI asked the Tele2 press service for a comment on the situation, this is what they answered me: “Tele2 invites customers to reconsider their approach to unlimited consumption and use services more consciously on package tariffs that provide more opportunities. An analysis of the consumption profile of mobile Internet services by subscribers showed that most unlimited subscribers need a very specific amount of traffic, and Tele2's open tariff line allows satisfying the needs of customers in different volumes of mobile Internet. Subscribers of the "Unlimited" line can choose a new package tariff according to their preferences and take advantage of personal offers. Customers who choose to stay on Unlimited may choose to keep the current price for a one-time payment period of six months in advance, or continue using the plan at the new price.”


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Nothing new here - unlimiteds will be graduallydisappear from the market, including on archival tariffs. And that's okay! There will be no such happiness as before, and it is impossible to force operators to support such tariffs, they have no such obligations. Tariffs change depending on the competitive environment, and today it is not only aggressive, but also difficult for everyone in the new business environment.

Already in the evening, when the story received maximum publicity, a comment from the Ministry of Digital Transformation appeared, you can read it here.

I was struck by the absurdity of what is happening in this comment. Read two sentences:

The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia asked Tele2 for a justification for a sharp price increase

Telecom operators are obliged to send information about such a change to the antimonopoly body 14 days before the planned change in tariffs.

Our market is very simple, operators innotify the Federal Antimonopoly Service of their intention to change any tariff, and this is a common, well-established procedure. Some time ago, in parallel, the Ministry of Digital Development began to notify about changes in tariffs. In the message of the ministry, they create the appearance that the latter was not aware of what was happening either in a dream or in the spirit. I think that no one there expected such a resonance and accusations of Tele2 in all mortal sins, officials did not see that the tariffs were knocked out of the general situation on the market. And so there were no barriers to change. But after the public reaction, there was such a convoluted explanation that the tariffs would be tested for the validity of the price change.

My personal opinion is that it is weak and harmful totelecom position, and here's why. It is necessary to protect people from rising prices, but communication in Russia is very cheap, and this is simply a fact. In our country, a person living on the minimum wage can pay for communication services, which is not observed anywhere in the world. But attempts to flirt with a part of society that extorts discounts and conditions for itself will eventually lead to the consolidation of a conditioned reflex: we shout loudly - officials get scared, force them to lower prices or keep them at the previous level. As if it is the telecom operators who should take the rap for everyone without exception, the prices for all goods and services have increased, there are no exceptions. But for some reason, it is communication that does not have the right to change in price. What kind of reasoning that tramples on common sense, where do they come from?

We need to explain to people that communication is important in order tobuild new base stations, we need investments, operators have nowhere to get money, except by selling their services. The state does not support mobile operators; rather, the latter pay taxes to the treasury, and in huge amounts. But at the same time, the state limits the development of telecom. Prices cannot be kept at very low levels indefinitely, we have already lost 5G for the foreseeable future due to low communication prices. The example of Ukraine, when officials cut down 4G and the whole country lived on 3G, is very indicative. There, too, there was a good and very cheap connection, only the country was left without 4G, and the entire economy suffered greatly from this. It is necessary to explain to everyone and everyone that our future as a country directly depends on several industries, telecom is one of them. And telecom needs help today, because we have a chance of losing it in the form in which we know it.

Cancellation of unlimited internet is unpleasant forany person, but you can survive it, as operators offer large traffic packages for reasonable money. Everyone gets upset when something is taken from him, but such is life. In order for operators to be able to build networks, they need money, which means that prices must rise. There can be no other interpretation, it is basically impossible. And you need to explain why this is important, why prices are rising, how they are formed.

You can play populism up to a certain limit,only then networks can fall down, followed by ordinary businesses, and people's lives, which directly depend on means of communication. And while we can get by with a small price, we need to avoid negative consequences.

I understand that my point of view is far frompopular. I get kicked for it by ordinary people, they don't like to pay more (like me!). Officials disagree because it turns out that I put them in a bad light, as if they are populists. But we need to explain what we can lose, and not flirt with utopia, when prices for everything have risen, and communication has changed in value over many years, in fact, by zero rubles. In Russia, ARPU has remained virtually unchanged over the past ten years - about 350 rubles. At the same time, the volume of services that each of us receives has grown by at least an order of magnitude. That's some fun math.

Unlimited mobile internet is a utopia for 2022

Why operators will begin to abandon unlimited mobile Internet in 2022.

Unlimited mobile internet is over for new subscribers

How operators have limited unlimited mobile Internet; Is 50 GB a month a lot or a little? We look at Beeline, MTS, MegaFon and Tele2