GPD Win Max - Pocket Laptop Console on a Ryzen processor (4 photos)

GPD specializes in manufacturingportable compact computers, and now she is working on a novelty called Win Max. The device is expected to be the heir to the GPD Win 2 mini-laptop, released last year. New development can serve as a portable console, and a laptop.

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Information about the new product is published on the officialDiscord channel manufacturer. There are pictures of the gadget's motherboard. As representatives of GPD told, in Win Max there will be a PCIe M.2 drive and a 4-core Ryzen V1605B hybrid processor from AMD (ruler - Ryzen V1000). The same chip is in the new version of the portable console Smach Z.

Win Max from GPD should also receive Bluetooth,Wi-Fi, microSD card slot, HDMI output, one USB Type-C port and several USB Type-A. Complement the device and traditional for classic gamepads controls. The release of the novelty is likely to take place a little later this year. The cost of the future news is not announced.