Gourmet: Apple plans to delay launch of iPad OS 16 update by about a month

Apple plans to delay next major iPad software update

for about a month without releasing it at the same time asnew iPhone software, according to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman. This delay is due to a review of iPad's multitasking capabilities. The update includes a Stage Manager feature that allows users to multi-task, resize windows, and switch between different application clusters. The iPadOS 16 update also brings new features such as a built-in weather app, improved support for external displays, and new Mac-style controls.

During beta testing, the system was subjected tocriticized by some developers and users for bugs, a confusing interface, and lack of compatibility with most iPads. The shift in the release schedule will also allow Apple to commit more engineering resources to complete iOS 16, a software update that will be included with iPhone 14 in September, Gurman said. At the same time, the watchOS 9 update will also be released in September.