Google will track emissions from all power plants from orbit (3 photos)

25 million dollars - the budget of the contest "GoogleAI Impact Challenge. Money is allocated to organizations that need the help of artificial intelligence to solve global problems. Recently, the World Resources Institute and WattTime received $ 1.7 million from Google to track the work of "dirty energy". First of all, we are talking about coal stations in the regions that do not want to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

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The money will be spent on the development of the method of CarbonTracker. This analytical center reveals the links between atmospheric emissions and the operation of some objects. Among other things, satellites are being monitored for objects that they are not close to. Thus, it was possible, for example, to catch the energy companies of China in the operation of facilities declared closed, and to prove that they have exceeded emission standards.

The project plans - building satellitecapacity and monitoring of the maximum possible number of power plants. AI from Google will help to determine what exactly is released into the atmosphere and in what quantities.