Google will speed up the process of creating your own processors (2 photos)

In recent months, Google (Alphabet Inc) has hiredMore than a dozen engineers engaged in the design of microchips in their unit, located in the city of Bangalore (India) and plans further expansion. Such steps indicate the serious intentions of the company to pay special attention to the development and production of proprietary processors for Pixel smartphones.

Since 2014, Google has been developing chips forcomputer servers operating in data centers and image processing chips in Pixel smartphones. The main goal of the project called gChips is to create more powerful and efficient devices by developing key components traditionally supplied by Intel or Qualcomm.

The gChips division consists of 16workers, including world-class professionals from leading firms developing and producing processors, such as Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Nvidia. Among the employees of the Indian branch stands out John Bruno, who previously worked at Apple for developing processors for mobile devices and led the Fusion chip project. Another leading Apple mobile chip maker Manu Gulati also joined the team. In the near future, the team will be expanded to 60 people.

Major smartphone makers useQualcomm processors (USA). However, to reduce costs and increase the popularity of such companies as Samsung, Apple and Huawei have their own chips. Google can not yet boast of having a completely own processor, and therefore the expansion of the Indian project gChips may indicate an intensification of work in this direction.