Google will increase the number of ads in mobile devices (4 photos)

The other day on Google’s official blogAnnounced an increase in advertising volumes in branded services for mobile gadgets. Ads will appear where they have not yet been seen. It is said that the advertising policy has been updated by an American corporation, as revenue growth has become unstable. However, according to representatives of Google, they seek only to help consumers make useful and necessary purchases.

According to official statements, the appearance of advertisingYou should wait in the Google app, on the Google homepage of the browser, in the Google news channel, in Gmail email and in a number of search results. Their number will increase in the Maps and YouTube applications. According to rumors, a new type of gallery banners will be introduced to get a quarter more clicks. All these changes so far relate only to proprietary services for mobile gadgets on Android and iOS. So that users do not confuse advertising with regular ads, news, videos, etc. it will be marked with the appropriate “Advertising” mark.

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Vice President, Developmentdivisions of purchases and travels, Oliver Hekmann said that the main desire of Google - to facilitate users to search and purchase new products. Indeed, while acquisitions are made impulsively, in parallel with any other occupations. That is, according to his logic, additional advertising is being introduced into Google services solely for the benefit of users.

In addition, it is not clear how seriously the display of advertising will affect the amount of Internet traffic consumed by users.

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