Google will improve wide-angle camera smartphones, eliminating the main drawback

Ultra wide lenses of smartphones changefinal product. They allow you to capture more objects in the frame, but when shooting, the edges of the image are distorted. If there are background objects at the edges of the picture, they will not be very much affected by this side effect, but here people who are in the frame closer to the edge have significantly distorted facial features.

You can, of course, correct the situation by using software filters, but at the same time such parameters of photography as perspective and retouching will suffer.

Google engineers have come to the conclusion that to solve thisThe problem is possible only with the help of a completely new algorithm for the camera of the smartphone. The basis of this algorithm is a point perspective correction, which wide-angle mobile optics captures when shooting, that is, this software solution does not affect the whole picture, but only the selected area. Recognizing faces in the frame, the program applies their adjustment, while following the laws of perspective.

The results of their work engineersdemonstrated in the form of a video - they claim that the technology is easily assimilated by users and in practice they will be able to adjust the image on the fly during a video call or during the action to save the picture.

Presumably, the new feature will be included in the Google Pixel 4 firmware, the presentation of which is scheduled for October of this year.