Google will create a gamepad with a display and voice assistant (7 photos)

According to Google, they will take part inevent Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 with its own innovations. Details of the upcoming announcement are not disclosed. Although there were suggestions that the gamepad will show.

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The meticulous experts found a Google patent oncontroller with notifications. According to the document, the gamepad will inform the player about records, invitations or messages, as well as highlight the buttons that are pressed. Provide gadget and compatibility with smartphones, tablets and TVs.

There are only schematic images in the patent.development. Although based on them, designers have already created renderings. However, on the schemes of the gamepad design seems quite stylish. True, confused by the cover, located at the bottom. It is possible that the work will require batteries.

Judging by the images, the device will have a special button that calls the voice assistant. As indicated in the patent text, the controller in some configurations will have a display and a speaker.

Source:, patent