Google wants to repair all the road signs of the world, but there is one problem

Monitoring urban infrastructure, includingtracking the status of road signs and identifying requiring repair plates, is a rather time-consuming process. At the moment, this can only be monitored by working staff, but thanks to Google Street View and a special artificial intelligence, this process can be automated. The technology has already been created and has proven its ability to accurately identify damaged road signs, but one problem remains that practically reduces the benefits of technology to nothing.

The essence of the technology is thattrained artificial intelligence checks photos taken specifically for the Google Street View service for the presence of damaged road signs. These pictures are taken with specially equipped cars from the day the service was founded in 2007 - they drive around the roads of the whole world and film them so that people can look at the city streets and find the right places just by going online.

AI recognizes broken traffic signs.

Artificial Intelligence was developedemployees of the Royal Melbourne University of Technology, and showed very good results. Studying the extensive Street View image database, he was able to recognize road signs with 96% accuracy and determine the need for repairs to 98% accuracy. Thanks to artificial intelligence, and the geodata provided by broken signs, workers can quickly find out about them and repair them in a timely manner.

The main disadvantage of Google Street View

Technology seems perfect, and in theory canreduce the number of road accidents. However, there is one problem - images in the Google Street View service are extremely rarely updated, because cars rarely pass the same place several times at different intervals. Of course, the company can set up a weekly, or even daily cruising on the same routes, but it will be worth the fabulous money.

At the moment there is one potential solution.this problem. Developers of the urban infrastructure monitoring system can equip vehicles with Street View cameras that travel the same route every day. For example, garbage trucks, which run along the same routes every morning, can become a tool for regular database updates.

Street View service allows you to visit the mostunusual places of the world without even leaving your home. For example, users can look at Devon Island, which is the largest uninhabited island in the world, and its landscape is very similar to the Martian one. You can read about this unusual place and see its panoramic images in our material.

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