Google users will no longer listen to "default"

Google is revising policyconfidentiality, providing additional protection for users' personal information. The reason for the change in working conditions was the scandal associated with listening to user audio through the voice Google Assistant, which was carried out without the knowledge of the company's customers. According to the new rules, users will be able to independently authorize or prohibit Google from using personal data for analyzing and evaluating audio clips.

All Google Assistant usersreceive emails via a smart speaker or via an app such as Google Maps informing them of a change in privacy policy. The letters contain a link, by clicking on which you can get additional information about the rules for storing and using custom audio files.

The audio file data in the first step is associated withuser account, and Google will use these snippets to improve voice control. However, the audio will then be “anonymized” and listened to by reviewers, including third-party providers. However, the user can independently remove them at any time through the Application and Web Search History toolbar. The company said that in the event that audio recordings are not needed for product and technology development, they will be removed.

According to Google, custom audios are notwill be used in analysis unless it is re-confirmed by clients in the VAA (Voice and Sound Activity) settings. To participate in the Google Assistant Improvement Program, VAA must be manually enabled.

Source: xda-developers