Google Translate translates human speech in real time

The existence of the profession of translator was underthreat after the advent of the new Google Translate feature, working in the mode of translating human speech in real time. Such an innovation removes language barriers while listening to lectures, speeches by politicians or cultural figures. The Google Translate function is based on the use of trained artificial intelligence, which is currently at the training stage.

Using the new Google Translate featureIt is limited by two conditions: reliable high-speed Internet connection, due to the processing of all data on Google servers and work through a microphone. The second condition is introduced to preserve commercial rights and limit the use of new opportunities in the translation of licensed products, such as movies.

The Google Translate algorithm is based oncomparing words taking into account the general context, taking into account intonation and using punctuation marks. Given the harsh working conditions in real time, especially on the first tapas, translation errors are inevitable. However, a learning AI will further reduce misinterpretation in translated speech. Currently, only 4 foreign languages ​​are available to artificial intelligence: English, German, Spanish and French. The date of the official release of the service in open access has not yet been announced.

Source: cnet