Google suspected of political and business bias

Google has been investigatedWall Street Journal, which revealed the bias of the company's search engine. As a result of the study, it was revealed that the service uses an algorithm that allows you to control the issuance of search results. In particular, large corporations or politically acceptable answers have priority in search results. According to a journalistic investigation, US regulators intend to initiate an antitrust investigation of Google.

Representatives of the search platform are positioningGoogle’s algorithms are completely objective and independent. However, according to journalists, the corporation controls the search results to promote large corporations like Amazon, or does not allow extra provocative topics to be issued. So when you enter the query "abortion is ..." in the Google search engine offers such options as "legal", "normal" and "safe", while Bing offers options "bad" and "immoral".

Regarding the observance of the interests of largecompanies, journalists have identified changes in the results of issuance in favor of more well-known corporations, which oppresses small businesses. It was also stated that Google uses the "black list" for some sites that can never appear in search results.

Source: thebell