Google revealed the purpose of the new operating system Fuchsia (2 photos)

Google's secret operating system shrouded inFuchsia is still kept secret. However, the developers during the last week of the Google I / O 2019 conference for the first time unveiled some of the details of the new OS, which, as it turned out, was not intended to replace Android and Chrome.

New experimental operating systemis an open source project. Nevertheless, Google’s developers have created a completely new kernel for Fuchsia called Zircon, while Android and Chrome OS are based on the Linux kernel.

Also head of research unitGoogle stressed that the main purpose of Fuchsia is not a replacement for Android and Chrome, but the creation of an operating system to work with various form factors. Such a statement suggests the possibility that Fuchsia is designed to work on smart home devices and augmented or virtual reality devices. Optimization of the operating system for work in the Internet of Things world is also not excluded. According to the developers, the process of experimenting and testing Fuchsia is currently underway.