Google refuses to develop laptops and tablets? (3 photo)

According to insider information, the corporationGoogle conducts a mild reduction of engineers and programmers from the Create division, specializing in the development of branded laptops and tablets. In particular, the restructuring will affect the group that is responsible for the development and production of the Pixelbook and the Pixel Slate.

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Employees from Create received a notification fromoffering to find a temporary job in other parts of Google or Alphabet. Such a reduction may indicate a reduction in the lineup of laptops and tablets and a revision of the prospects for the release of such products. However, by suggesting that employees look for temporary, rather than permanent, new jobs, Google can leave it to itself in the future to quickly increase the number of staff in the Create team.

Meanwhile, the cuts have not yet affected the production divisions of Google, which may testify in favor of continuing the release of already developed models.