Google plans to launch Fuchsia OS with Apple Engineer

Google pays great attention to Fuchsia, the newuniversal operating system, about which little is known today. The platform is available in an open source format, but the company has always been reluctant to talk about it. At the moment, we know that the project is intended for use on the widest range of devices, from smartphones to IoT products and PCs. The first terminal to use the new OS may be a smart speaker, which will appear in 2021. They said that Google has invested a lot of resources for the implementation of this operating system and believes that it can speed up its launch on the market thanks to a veteran from Apple.

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Google hired Bill Stevenson, Sr.A manager who has worked at Apple for more than 14 years. In the past decade, a computer engineer has been involved in developing software and services related to the macOS cloud, such as AirPlay, iCloud, AirDrop, and PowerNap. Moreover, Stevenson planned the implementation of the latest OS version for desktop computers from Lion to Mojave. “Newbie” will start working in Google from February, and it will have the task to create a version of Fuchsia, ready for mass use.