Google plans to introduce a unique technology Stadia translates all gamers into the "cloud"

In anticipation of the launch of the Google gaming platformStadia developers talked about the advantages and prospects of cloud gaming. According to the chief engineer of the project, within a year or two, Stadia will reach a level where the cloud game will respond faster than any, even the most powerful gaming local computer system. The so-called “negative delay” will be leveled by a new innovative technology that uses elements of AI and machine learning, as well as be used to reduce potential lags between the player’s computer and the server.

This will be achieved through technology.Google’s streaming, which engineers have been working on for several years. Using Stadia technology will allow players playing on a cloud service to manage the process more quickly than on a local system of any capacity. High efficiency is achieved by predicting the player’s next action by the system.

Incredible technology will enable Google Stadiaaccurately form the image, even before the gamer performs a certain action. Thus, relying on enormous processing power, the system will be able to randomly predict the next action of the player and actually play instead, forming a subsequent image. According to the developers, the practical implementation of the technology, the details of which are still hidden from the general public, will be implemented over the next two years.

Source: pcgamesn