Google Pixel 7 Pro unboxing leaked before official announcement

Gadgetfull BD from Bangladesh wasGoogle Pixel 7 Pro unboxing video posted. The video shows someone taking the device out of a Google-branded box and showing off its black case with the “G” logo on the back, according to The Verge.

Google first unveiled Pixel 7 and 7 Pro at I/Oin May, and will likely launch the device next month alongside the Pixel Watch. The phone in the video posted to social media matches Google's official renderings. You can also see the official animation of the Google Pixel when the smartphone is launched, followed by the device setup screen.

Gadgetfull BD does not offer any additional details in the video description.

Google doesn't have the best track record whenit comes down to keeping your Pixels a secret until they launch. So, in June, someone used an unreleased Pixel 7 Pro smartphone and did not even know about it. And a little later, another prototype of the Google Pixel 7 Pro surfaced online. And he was even gutted.

Watch the unboxing video you can here