Google Pixel 4 - the first “spy” pictures of the smartphone (3 photos)

Users looking forward to newmodels of your favorite brands are always willing to get acquainted with spy shots of new gadgets leaking into the network. Recently, a photo of a genuine Google Pixel 4 smartphone leaked to the network, the images of which were previously available in the form of vague renders from the manufacturer.

The expert who posted the Google Pixel 4 snapshots,suggests that this may be a finished model from a test series with a production line. The pictures were taken in a fairly high quality and published by the chief editor of XDA Devlopers, Mishaal Rahman.

Given that the origin of the photographs is stillIt is not known that Rahman cannot confirm with absolute certainty that the photo shows exactly the Pixel 4, and suggests that this is possibly the youngest model of the Pixel 5 with a screen diagonal of 5.7 inches.

The smartphone screen received thin frames, and inon the upper part are various sensors, which, in addition to the front camera, are poorly visible, since the device is specially protected with a film. The speaker grill is larger than the Pixel 3.

Indirect proof of the authenticity of photographs can be information on the smartphone screen, where the Pixel Setup service offers to complete the Pixel setup.

The main camera is located in a square block and has three sensors. The power button and volume rocker are located on the side of the smartphone.

At the submission in June by Googlerenders smartphone design was hidden, and users were able to get an idea only about the design of the new camera. However, insider @Onleaks was able to provide more detailed renderings of the appearance of the Google Pixel 4 XL.