Google Photos will create a 3D effect from regular photos (2 photos)

To users of the photo storage service fromGoogle will soon be available a new feature that allows you to create more realistic and impactful images. The new feature will become available in the Memories section and will be called Cinematic photos.

Standard 2D photos will look like 3D images. An example comparing an ordinary photo and its image in Cinematic photos has appeared on the official Google blog.

The developers report that when creating a 3D imagephotography uses machine learning technology to predict the depth of the photo, even in images that lack scene depth information. The image is then animated to create a smooth panning similar to a movie.

Cinematic photographs willautomatically generated in the Memories section. To showcase the highlights of the lives of users captured in the pictures. In addition, Google is introducing new themes for the Memories section, allowing you to focus on pictures taken with people who are significant to users. In the future, such a function will also be implemented to form a collection of pictures with things that are important to the user (baking, nature, sunsets). New features will be introduced gradually over the next month.

Source: theverge