Google Maps can now visit the planets of the solar system.

It would seem that more interesting and unusualwill be able to issue the Google Maps service? And here you are: now with its help we can “visit” various planets of the solar system! A unique opportunity became available to everyone thanks to photographs and data obtained from Cassini and other spacecraft.

“The update for Google Maps has already been released and is available to all users, who can now visit 16 planets and their satellites,” the company's blog says.

Thanks to astrohukhozhniku ​​Bjorn Johnsson, who worked on the preparation of maps and their details, now anyone can examine in detail the surface of different distant planets.

Google Maps has satellites and planets. In addition, they all have marks indicating the various objects located on their surface, so you can immediately read their names and brief descriptions.

Specialists working on Google Maps, tookphotographs obtained from various spacecraft, and then processed tens of thousands of images and created a single base of celestial bodies, carefully recreating the appearance and describing their details.