Google Lens will allow you to copy handwritten text and transfer it to your computer (2 photos)

Computer technology provides morelevel of comfort for work and leisure, which significantly increases labor productivity and eliminates routine operations. New features in Google’s Lens Object Recognition application will directly convert the manuscript into printed text and stream it to a computer. Naturally, the author’s handwriting should be legible and avoid misunderstandings.

In order to take advantage of the newWith the capabilities of Google, the latest version of the Google Chrome browser must be installed on the computer, and on the smartphone - the special Google Lens application for Android devices or Google on iOS, where you enter Lens using the button next to the search panel. In addition, both the computer and the smartphone must use the same account.

The next step will be pointing the camerasmartphone to the manuscript, highlighting a single fragment and issuing a command to send a copy of the text to the computer. In turn, on a PC, open any document in Google Docs and sequentially click the Edit button, and then Paste.
Another function will help with the study of foreign languages ​​or during a business or tourist trip around the world.

Now you can check the pronunciation of eachsingle word. To do this, select the word in Google Lens for Android and click the Listen button (in iOS, this feature will be introduced later). Also in the Google Lens application, a definition search for each word is available through the Google search engine.

Source: The Verge