Google launched a website for teaching beginners the basics of 3D animation (3 photos)

The development of 3D computer animation isa laborious process that requires highly qualified specialists. However, modern tools and elements of artificial intelligence make this process easier and more widely available. This is precisely the goal of a new tool from Google called Monster Mash, designed to educate new users in the basics of 3D animation.

Detailed instructions on working with Monster Mashpublished on the official Google blog. The basis of the process is the creation of a flat 2D image with further "stitching and inflating" of the picture in order to turn it into a volumetric animation. The whole process takes just a few clicks.

The user, of course, must haveminimal drawing skills to draw a two-dimensional object on the screen and indicate its moving parts. In the case when part of the pattern will not be visible during movement, it is necessary to inform the artificial intelligence about this by double-clicking on the movable limb. At the next stage, the 3D character is formed and the trajectory of his movement is developed according to the already prepared template.

The entire process of "shaping" a three-dimensional object is fixed using the commands built into the tool and saved for further processing. The open source Monster Mash is hosted at Github... Users will be able to try the tool using a small example demo versionthat allows you to evaluate and understand the basics of working with 3D objects.