Google keeps track of all your purchases

It's no secret that Google Inc.tries, through its proprietary services, to track every activity of every person. Now it became known that the purchase of users from the company, in full view.

The company has developed a special tool that analyzes all checks that come to the mail of the client. All information about purchases is stored in a separate section of the Gmail mail service.

Google said that they do not followusers, but only facilitate their work on the web. Data on purchases that are stored in a separate section are not accessible to outsiders. Why do we need such a service? The company explains simply that in one place you have collected all the information on purchased goods and services, and Google is convenient to analyze it in order to understand user preferences.

Experts are skeptical of suchexplain and believe that the company should have reported this to users before. It is possible that the service helps in the selection of contextual advertising. In addition, it is unknown how long Google collects data on user checks. Security experts recommend deleting purchase data.