Google is thinking about returning anonymity to users (3 photos)

In an era when government agencies, hackers andfraudsters constantly hunt for sensitive user data, the issue of anonymity remains one of the most pressing. But in addition to these “hunters” for information, there are corporations, like Google, which, not hesitating, but hiding behind ghostly reasons, are vigilantly spying on every action of any person for their own selfish purposes.

So, last year, journalists spent severalInvestigations, in the course of which they found out that Google tracks the location of users, even when geolocation is disabled on a mobile device. As it turned out, in addition to the “Location History”, data about a person is also formed thanks to the “Application History and Web Search”, as well as geolocation software installed on the gadget. But now there is information that Google will return to users the ability to manage their travel history and search queries, which were previously strictly recorded by a web browser.

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Now Chrome browser will be able to automaticallymode, delete the history of visits and the location of users. At the same time, users independently determine the time for deleting information from servers. Currently, Google allows you to choose one of two periods of time during which information is stored in the browser - it is 3 or 18 months. After this time, all information will be permanently deleted. At the same time, the amount of personal information stored on Google servers will also be limited.

The function will soon be available inChrome and Google Discover on Android OS. However, the YouTube history and the voice commands of the Google Assistant assistant will be saved, they can only be deleted manually.