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Google is developing AI capable of programming

Google is working on a secret projectwithin the framework of which a program code generator based on a neural network is being developed, which will be able to independently create program code, fix and update it. The project is part of the company's broader "generative intelligence" program to create AI algorithms to generate images, videos and more.

According to available data, the project to createcode generator originated in Alphabet's X research division under the code name Pitchfork. This summer, the project was taken up by engineers from the Google Labs team led by Olivia Hatalsky, who has been an employee of the X division for many years and participated in the development of Google Glass and several other devices.

The source notes that the Pitchfork projectimplemented in order to "teach code to write and rewrite yourself." It is assumed that the created algorithm will be able to learn programming styles and write code based on the knowledge gained. Initially, the Pitchfork project had the task of creating a tool that could update the code base of the Python programming language to new versions without the need to involve live programmers.

Over time, the goals of the project have shifted towardscreating a general purpose system that could reduce the need for people to write and update code while maintaining its quality. At what stage is the development of the Google code generator, is still unknown.