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Google introduces mandatory two-factor authentication when a user signs in to an account

Google is tightening security measurespreservation of the user's confidential information. Google plans to prevent theft of personal information by providing more complex logins to accounts, introducing mandatory two-factor authentication from November 9, 2021.

The two-factor authentication method is based ondouble confirmation of the user's identity. In addition to the main account password, its owner will also have to enter a one-time password, which Google will send by e-mail (letter) or to the phone (SMS message), "tied" to this account.

After November 9th, all Google services, such as email, will be logged in using two-factor authentication, which will be forcedly activated.

Google representatives advise users alreadynow independently enable two-factor authentication to protect yourself from problems when switching to a new user verification system.

The tightening of the authentication process is carried out because the most common hacking of user accounts is carried out by stealing passwords.

A post from Google details the two-factor authentication method. The user is reminded to always have a phone “tied” to the account next to him.