Google: Huawei's weaning dangerous from Android

The Financial Times publication reports Google’s attempts to regain Huawei.

According to the publication, Google is trying to convince the US government of the inaccuracy of weaning Huawei from the Android operating system.

Arguments at the same time sound, perhaps, not the mostconvincing, but extremely politically correct. The US crusade against the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is under the slogan of the need to protect security - so, Goole has something to say about this. According to the company's specialists, Huawei's own operating system for smartphones, based on the open part of the Android, the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), is a security threat, including the United States.

Huawei has already announced that it is working on “ArkOS ”is an AOSP-based Android fork: the company simply has no other choice if it blocks access to Google services. Google Play as a source for downloading applications in it will be absent - it means that users will have to download applications from other, not so secure sources. Plus, the system will be missing Google Play Protect, also taking care of protecting devices from viruses and other security threats.

Yes, Huawei devices are not sold in the US, butCitizens of this country enjoy the right of free movement around the world and as long as they are not limited in communication with representatives of other countries - this is where the evil virus from the interlocutor Huawei’s smartphone can be potentially dangerous.

It all sounds a bit far-fetched, but quite in the spirit of the accusations made against Huawei. Maybe it will work?


Tatyana Kobelskaya