Google Earth 3D declassified secret military base in Taiwan (4 photos)

Satellite frames placed in the new serviceGoogle Earth 3D, randomly demonstrated the Patriot (SAM) anti-missile base in Taiwan. It is obvious that Americans do not always manage to hide their own weapons from the watchful eyes of satellites.

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So they also revealed the base of the Patriot air defense system, locatednear the city of New Taipei in Taiwan. Patriot is a missile defense system, which includes launchers, radar, control, masking and communications. The structure is equipped with MIM-104A / B missiles, intercepting aerodynamic targets, MIM-104C / D / E, intercepting ballistic targets, and ERINT antimissiles.

Surprised by the excellent quality of 3D-visualizedsnapshots. You can see all the details of the missile systems. As they say in China and Taiwan, local authorities, waking up, are negotiating with Google. Representatives of Taiwan insist on retouching by Google specialists personnel of military units, the infrastructure of the National Security Agency and the Taiwanese army.