Google Docs earned full support for Microsoft Office documents (3 photos)

Google Free Office Developmentapplications can now edit the most popular document formats from the Microsoft Office suite: Word texts, PowerPoint presentations, as well as Excel spreadsheets. Previously, they could only view. To make changes to the document, it was necessary to convert the source file to another format.

Now, Google apps support bothstandard documents from key Microsoft Office applications, as well as compressed files that have the “x” prefix at the end of the extension. So, “Google Docs” cope with the .doc, .dot and .docx formats from Microsoft Word, “Google Presentations” - with the forms .pps, .ppt, .pot and .pptx from Microsoft PowerPoint, and “Google Tables” - with .xls, .xlsx, .xlt and .xlsm from Microsoft Excel.


Opening files from Microsoft Office,Google applications can use all the standard options: work in the cloud, collaborative editing with other users, commenting, and so on.

Google Docs corporate clients can already edit Microsoft Office documents. Until the end of the month, the innovation will be available for ordinary users.