Google creates a special version of Android for push-button phones (3 photos)

Android is now the most commonWorldwide mobile operating system. It takes about three quarters of the market. And Google, apparently, is not going to dwell on this indicator. As it became known, the company is developing a new version of this operating system, designed to control push-button phones.

The network already has a screenshot of Chrome,demonstrating that the system icons in the style of the Android Oreo OS look in the status bar of this OS. It is likely that this version of the browser operates on the Android OS Oreo in the absence of touch navigation.

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Therefore, rumors went that Googleworking on a new OS for push-button phones, designed to compete with KaiOS, which, according to experts, is used on more than 40 million devices with mechanical controls. Journalists are hoping to get more information about the new OS at the Google I / O conference, which will start in early May.