Google converts custom photos into the styles of cult artists (2 photos)

Modern smartphones are equipped with built-inapplications that allow you to convert photos using various effects. The user can take a black and white photo or transform the composition using various color effects and styles. The new Google feature will allow you to turn a custom photo using the style of one of the great artists.

App appeared on Google Arts & CultureA new feature called Art Transfer, which brings styles of your favorite painters to the photo. Unforgettable swift strokes from Van Gogh's paintings or surreal notes of Frida Kahlo will turn trivial photos into works of art.

The Art Transfer algorithm allows you to fullytransform the initial data of a standard photograph based on the artistic style of your favorite painter. Transformation is carried out on the user device.

To work with the application should be in Google Arts &Culture open the camera menu and select Art Transfer. Then you should select a custom photo that requires conversion. At the next stage, the user selects the style of one of the artists. The cut function allows using the scissors icon to apply a style change to a specific part of the photo.

Source: Google