Google co-founder builds the world's largest airship

Rumors that Sergey Brin is building a hugethe aircraft began to go quite a while, but the details of the project surfaced only the other day. According to information received by The Guardian from various sources, Brin invested in the development of a huge airship that can carry out humanitarian missions and can simultaneously serve as a kind of “air yacht” for relatives and friends of Brin.

Trucks are only good for delivering goods.if they can reach their destination on a good road, the same applies to trains and airplanes - they all need the appropriate infrastructure, but the airship can do without special runways. In addition, he will be able to stay in the air for a long time, and instead of ballast, a special gas system will be installed on his board, which will regulate the height of the airship - this will allow him to deliver goods to anywhere in the world. He will work on helium, which it was decided to replace fire hazardous hydrogen.

The length of the airship will be about 200 meters - onat the moment it is the largest aircraft in the world, although its size is inferior to the legendary Hindenburg, built in the 30s of the last century. The aircraft is being developed in the hangars of the Moffett Field military base, where Google-controlled company Planetary Ventures has leased four square kilometers of production space. The agreement was signed for 65 years, the deal amounted to about a billion dollars. It is known that in addition to its own developments, the company is engaged in the reconstruction and preservation of historical buildings and hangars.

Information about the project appeared in the media on conditionsanonymity, so not much details are known, especially since Brin himself does not seek publicity and tries not to attract unnecessary attention to his work, but sources claim that the preliminary price of the airship will be approximately $ 150 million.

Google representatives continue to refrain from commenting.