Google Chrome continues to introduce useful features

The September Google Chrome update wasintroduced a feature that allows you to exchange links between the desktop and the user's phone. Currently in Chrome Beta v78. testing a similar function for telephone numbers, which will facilitate the ability to use the numbers found on the computer via a smartphone.

This function allows you to directly implementA call from any hyperlinked phone number available on the user's desktop. When you click on it in Chrome Beta 78, a request appears in the address bar asking which device you want to make a call from.

In addition, you can select a phone number and use the right button to call the context menu in which to select the device from which the user wishes to make a call.

After sending the number to the smartphone, a notification comes to it, activating which you can make calls - the number will be automatically inserted into the application for dialing.

In beta version 78 of Chrome, this feature should beset automatically. Otherwise, follow the link chrome: // flags / # click-to-call-context-menu-selected-text and activate it in the settings menu that opens.

Source: androidpolice