Google Chrome started blocking ads that significantly affect computer performance

The world's most popular Chrome browser isat the same time the most resource-demanding application. This often leads to excessive energy consumption and reduced autonomy in laptops and mobile devices, as well as to increased Internet traffic.

However, this cannot always be directly blamed.developers from Google. The reason lies in online advertising. To improve browser performance and reduce its power consumption, Google engineers are proposing an update that can improve the situation somewhat.

New feature should prevent slowdownbrowser operation caused by online advertising. In addition to blocking ads, Chrome will now sort ads that consume energy too quickly. The update will be especially useful for users working with the browser on laptops, tablets and smartphones, for whom battery life continues to be one of the most pressing issues.

From now on, in accordance with the new Chrome ruleswill block ads if one of the three parameters is exceeded. Ads that load the processor for more than 60 seconds, that load the processor for 15 seconds or more in a 30-second window and consume more than 4 MB of traffic are blocked.

It is noteworthy that with a very small shareadvertising corresponding to these parameters, only 0.3%, these ads consume up to 26% of traffic and make up 26% of the CPU load. Also, advertisements using javascript that consume a lot of resources will be blocked.

In the future, this function will be used byby default, and is currently manually launched through the Google Heavy Ad Intervention demo page. To do this, enter the value in the search bar chrome: // flagsthen is Heavy Ad Interventionwhere the Enabled parameter is activated for it.

Source: techradar